For those of you who do not know me, I am a mom of 4 men/boys, Sean, Ryan, Kyle & Conor (sometimes 5– when I include my amazing husband, Larry). I am a passionate homebody who loves to cook, eat, travel (when time and $ allow), dine out, organize, decorate and serve as concierge to my wonderful friends.

I have always loved to cook and generally do so by cooking “off the cuff”, creating my own recipes, as well as improvising on others. I have many obsessions or should I say “IG’s” (immediate gratifications) that often keep me enthusiastically occupied! As my BFF’s say, and “joyfully” make fun of me when doing so, I am a bit fanatical when it comes to organization and tidiness. As one of my best friends once said, “If you could put Larry in a jar with a lid and a label you would do so!!”

My home is another passion of mine, which is partly the reason I am a homebody. I have decorated every inch of my abode by myself and am constantly “re-decorating” (much to my husband’s dismay). I am also known to “research” everything I do & buy to the “enth” degree. As a result, I have evolved into a style/decorating concierge for friends and family. Google is my BFF!!! That said, I hope you enjoy my new blog as much as I enjoy adding my little touches to it.

XO Joy