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Home Sweet Home!!! I am a true homebody and when people say how do you have the time to cook and do all you do, its because I spend most of my day at home. As some of you already know, our 4th son, Conor has autism. He loves being home as it’s his biggest comfort so therefore I have become just like Conor…I love being home…and being with him of course!

At home I can do almost anything I need to….cook, clean, organize, shop, and decorate! All of my favorite things!!!

Organizing and decoratiing are 2 of my other great loves. My friends and family tend to make fun of me when it comes to cleanliness and organizing, but it’s because they love me I know, lol!!! Shoes off at the door in this house!!!…..sorry I am not sorry! And if you open any cabinet, you might be shocked to find jars, canisters & bins labeled. I crave organization and am happiest when all the stars are aligned. It also helps Conor because he needs organization and is also happiest when his things are aligned or should I say “lined up”. I must proudly say my organization obsession has also translated to my 3 big boys…just not my biggest boy (husband Larry) because as he says, he has me to keep him organized!!! Oy! I love decorating and have done so to every inch of our house and of course will continue to decorate and redecorate. Of course I will be sharing with all of you my great finds for any home!!

  • I Have A Weakness For Candles…

    Posted on March 4 by Joy in Must Haves.

    …But definitely have a few favorites! One of the yummiest smelling candles I adore is from VOLUSPA! Although they have so many delicious scents, “MOKARA” is my all time front runner. Its scent consists of mokara orchid-white lily spring moss. I generally do not like flowery scented candles as the name suggests, however, this is […]

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