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Although I am no fashionista, and do not spend lots of money on clothes, I have always had a little love fest with fashion accessories as that is where my career began soon after I graduated college! I sold handbags and belts to high end boutiques and this definitely planted the “ accessory bug”!

I am a firm believer that if you have a great handbag, great shoes and great accessories you don’t need to spend lots on fancy clothes!! I must confess, I am also a bit obsessed with jeans! Don’t ask me how many as only my husband knows…(only because he once counted them!) I hope you enjoy my sharing these little treasures I love so much!

  • GiGi NY Uber Clutch

    Posted on March 4 by Joy in Fashion.

    In case you haven’t heard, I have a bit of a handbag obsession! After college (30+ years ago, YIKES!), I began my career selling high-end handbags & belts wholesale. I guess this planted a seed! I love a great handbag, but must admit, I do tire of some of them quickly. As many of my […]

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