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I am not much of an expert in this department, but I must say I do have quite the fascination with beauty products!!! I L-O-V-E makeup and will not leave home without it! Ok maybe sometimes…with sunglasses of course, but I must confess I do not wear makeup to exercise! I never understood the concept of exercise and wearing makeup! Must be the neat freak or cleanliness issues I have! Yikes!

I am also a drug store & beauty website’s dream customer!! I adore trying new products and will research any new product obsession to the “enth” degree, reading reviews upon reviews until a decision is ultimately made! I hope that these little obsessions of mine will help alleviate some of the “unknown” for all of you!!! I will also post the best place to buy them. As my college roomie/BFF and I have named these “must haves” and because we need them instantly, they are called “IG” aka “immediate gratification”!

I will share with you all that I love and would of course love hearing your feedback!! Happy Obsessing!!!

  • Mascara

    Posted on June 10 by Joy in Beauty.

    I have been so busy with cooking and my recipes that it seems I have neglected my beauty posts! Well if you are obsessed with mascara as much as I am then this might be a post that interests you! Although I have been wearing the same mascara since I am 16 (Great Lash, the […]

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  • My Favorite Body Butter

    Posted on March 2 by Joy in Beauty.

    I don’t know about you guys, but I have had enough of this cold, snowy, long winter! I am ready to shed my winter coat and boots in exchange for tee shirt and flip- flops! My skin is always so dry in the winter so before the winter ends, I must share the one product […]

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