• These are a few of my favorite things…..cooking time savers…


    When it comes to cooking in my kitchen, I try to make things as simple as possible and that is why I thought I would share my favorite short-cuts! Have you ever felt like it takes forever to prepare, cook and serve the perfect meal and then poof, its consumed in a flash! Well, none of us need excess stress especially when cooking so why not take advantage of ways to simplify things in the kitchen! Here are some of my faves…shhhh…..


    1. Dorot Crushed Garlic- the best thing since sliced bread! Hate crushing garlic or forget to buy it? Keep this in the freezer and just pop a cube out whenever you need! I use this in soups, chicken dishes, salad dressings, veggies and more! Find this at all major supermarkets as well as Trader Joes.


    2. Liquid Coconut Cooking Oil by Carrington Farms-many of my desserts call for coconut oil which usually comes in a solid form. By the time you melt the oil and try figuring out how much you need converting solid to liquid, the oil begins to harden again! This oil is a savior in that department! Shoprite & Shop N Stop both carry it!


    3. Liquid Egg Whites-whoever thought of this was a genius! We eat so many egg whites in our house and if I was still using regular eggs just for the whites I can’t even imagine how many yokes I would have discarded. No need for excess waste of food!


    4. Mirepoix-if you make soups, stews or sauces this is the biggest time saver, or should I say lifesaver! FYI, Mirepoix is the fancy word for carrots, celery and onion! Aside from not having to chop, chop and chop some more, the carrots, celery and onion is portioned perfectly for easy, quick use! You can also find onions sold pre-chopped for tear free cooking! Find both at Trader Joes in the produce area as well as most supermarkets.




    5. Frozen Brown Rice or Microwave in Bag -Another time saving find and great for those times when we make last minute dishes or need a quick side! I keep in my freezer and pantry for last minute meals. Quinoa comes this way too. Found in most supermarkets as well asTrader Joes.


    6. Frozen Spinach, Kale and Fruit-perfect for smoothies and bowls and no need to add ice! The fruit is great for making compotes and jams in a pinch and the veggies are perfect in those emergency “I forgot to buy” situations! Available in the freezer section of all supermarkets.

    I will certainly keep you posted on any new “time savers” I find, but in the mean time I hope you enJOYed hearing about these! Have a great day!



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