• A Little Bit of Organization


    I am a firm believer that everyone needs a little organization, well at least I do and that is why I am posting this on the “Must Have” section of my blog. This may sound silly, but being organized makes me happy!  I am not a fan of clutter, and being systematic and orderly helps alleviate disorganization. I am convinced that organization can truly help make every facet in ones life easier. Being that I had 3 babies within 16 months and after our youngest was born 4 boys under the age of 6, it was imperative to be organized. Many of my nearest and dearest family & friends continue to poke fun at my “organization” obsession, but that’s ok, I know they are just jealous!

    In the kitchen I keep most of my dry food ingredients as well as some small snacks and candy in labeled jars and for that reason I strongly recommend investing in a “P-Touch” label maker (see below for easy ordering). When cooking, having ingredients arranged in an orderly fashion makes a world of difference.



    I also find that keeping  my spice draw categorized by alphabetizing the bottles makes locating them while cooking an easy task.


    I like to keep my “go to” condiments like olive oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, cooking spray and hot sauce readily available so those I keep on my counter next to my stove!


    Of course keeping my fridge and freezer organized is essential and makes me smile every time I open them!  For example, any perishables (like yogurt or milk) are grouped with the ones having the latest “best by” date in the rear. Any items I have cooked or baked and have frozen are all labeled in ziplock bags or storage containers. You can never have enough of these storage containers and my favorites are the “Snapware” brand (see below for easy ordering) as the tops and bottoms are color coded and this is a huge time saver!  It’s all about making ones life easier!




    Without “airing my dirty laundry” (don’t worry I will not be showing you my bedroom closets!), I also want to share that if you keep your utensils and cooking tools arranged by category (serving spoons, forks, knives,wooden spoons etc.) you too will have harmony in your kitchen!



    Follow the links here for easy ordering of your very own P-Touch and my fave storage containers!



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